Celian is never alone. During his journey he is accompanied either by Roland or by Marie. You can play as either of the two heroes and switch between them simply by pressing the Tab key. The First Templar features both single player and co-op modes. When playing solo, you can switch between the two characters, leaving the control of the second hero to the game’s AI. At any moment a second player can join in and take control of the AI controlled hero.

Celian d'Arestide

Sir Celian d'Arestide is a noble knight, who unlike many of his brethren in these dark days, honestly believes in the ideals of chivalry. Celian's home is at the castle of Montsegur in Southern France, a place with a dark and tragic history where hundreds of people were burned alive by the emerging Inquisition.
Sir d'Arestide is not just an outstanding fighter, who is considered undefeated by any men in a duel, but also one of the few well educated knights of his age. He treasures loyalty above all else and has a strong, unfaltering sense of justice. The Grandmaster of the Templar Order is his life-long mentor and supporter, a man he respects more than anyone else. During his countless battles in the East, he fought alongside Roland, who became his best friend, regardless of their different characters.

Marie d'Ibelin

Marie d’Ibelin is a member of a prominent noble family from the crusader states. Her grandfather was Guy d’Ibelin marshal and constable of the kingdom of Cyprus. Her mother was a Saracen from a noble family. Marie is a child of two worlds – the West and the East, but she could never find her place in either of them. She was raised in the Holy Land according to the culture and customs of the East, she speaks the Saracen language, yet she is a Christian. Growing up in a land of constant conflict, she was taught how to fight and defend herself, from an early age.


Roland is a senior member of the Knights Templar. An orphan, of low origins, he was raised by a cruel adoptive family. He sustained himself with petty crimes and mischief until the age of sixteen, when he tried to rob and kill a Templar knight. During the time he spent in jail, Roland managed to impress high ranking members of the Order with his unmatched fighting skills. Regardless of his unruly temper, he climbed the ladder faster than any other knight and earned a legendary status after numerous successful campaigns at the Holy Land. In Outremer his name is always whispered, never said aloud, for too many have witnessed Roland's rage and none of them survived to tell the tale. He really lives up to the proverb: attack is the best form of defense.

Wilhelm of Beaujeu

Wilhelm of Beaujeu is the grand master of the Templar order. He is an experienced fighter and an honorable man, a true knight. For Celian, the grey bearded man is also a real father figure that has accompanied him through his career in the Templar order and was always there for him. It seems as if Wilhelm of Beaujeu has been head of the order for ages. And still, he is full of youthful strength. When the king of France turns against the Templars, it is Wilhelm that organizes the chaos that ensues.